We are in constant, open dialogue with our stakeholders and take responsibility for the social, ecological and economic structures surrounding our properties.


We create living spaces for people. In doing so, the focus is always on our customers. We offer them needs-based and flexible services. For example by providing an attractive range of bars and restaurants or on-site childcare facilities. For the new building project YOND in Zurich Albisrieden, for example, there was a special focus on making the building attractive for small businesses by maximising the flexibility of available space. The rental space for the JED project in Schlieren, on the other hand, is primarily aimed at innovative companies and so focuses on active community-building


We keep our shareholders up to date through our Annual General Meeting, annually and biannually through our reporting and on an ongoing basis via our website, press releases, newsletters and social media channels.


We organise our annual Capital Markets Day for analysts and investors, which includes management presentations, a property tour and networking opportunities. In addition, our executive management and investor relations team take part in international conferences and hold regular roadshows and conversations with analysts.


In the context of our construction projects, staff members from our development, asset management and communications departments keep in regular contact with local residents, interested users, local authorities, representatives from the business community and the media. 


We are a member of Verband Immobilien Schweiz (VIS), Avenir Suisse and the Greater Zurich Area, and an associate partner of Entwicklung Schweiz. In addition, members of our staff are on the boards of Verband Immobilien Schweiz (VIS) and Madaster, the Swiss platform for the promotion of the circular economy in the real estate and construction sector.


We promote young people’s education and support social and cultural organisations and projects through sponsorship. In 2020, we invested CHF 500 000 in the fields of innovation, research and teaching and CHF 400 000 in the areas of youth, sport and culture. We sponsored events such as the NZZ Real Estate Days, the CE2 Day of Circular Economy Switzerland and the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award. In addition, we also supported Avenir Suisse and the Greater Zurich Area, both of which promote Switzerland’s role as a centre of economic activity, as well as the business education organisation YES Young Enterprise Switzerland and the Tonhalle Orchestra. By making grants to a number of institutions in the Olten region, we are also strengthening our ties to the area in which our head office is located.

Stakeholder engagement

In addition to our ongoing interactions, we hold a stakeholder panel with our external stakeholders every two years. The next stakeholder panel will take place in autumn 2021. In 2019, this was devoted to the topics of «urbanisation» and «intergenerationality».

To the report

What we have achieved so far

Living spaces

Under one roof

The YOND service and commercial building is all about flexibility, individuality, and innovation – attributes that perfectly describe the tenant structure as well. A tight-knit community has formed in the year since the first tenant moved in.

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YES! The next generation is ready.

As a partner to the business education organisation YES Young Enterprise Switzerland, we support the continuing education and training of school students aged between 16 and 20. Our employees take on a central role here, travelling throughout Switzerland as corporate volunteers to pass on their…

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Living spaces

Heiss Street Food is hot

Swiss Prime Site has opened the door to culinary diversity in front of Maag-Halle directly behind Zurich’s Prime Tower. In fact, a different food trailer is on site every weekday between Monday and Friday. Martin *Heiss, with his fresh chicken pitas, has become a real crowd pleaser here in just a…

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Flair and flavour: a cappuccino at Rivington & Sons

Attention to detail — at Rivington & Sons, you can see it and taste it. Over a perfect cappuccino served by the barista and company manager Dario Tozzi, we soak up the atmosphere of 1920s and 30s New York.

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A new perspective: Here and now

Over 350,000 children in Switzerland suffer from rare diseases. And their families suffer with them. Frank Grossmann, founder of Orphanhealthcare, offers these children and their parents a better quality of life and gives them a new outlook. Swiss Prime Site provides the foundation with space for…

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Boss for a year

Can we spark students' interest in becoming entrepreneurs? That's what the YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland) company program aims to achieve. Participants from all across Switzerland spent one year hard at work, and on 25th–26th May the final was held at Zurich central station. Noémie Sasse, CEO of…

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Building designs for the next generation

«We are a nightmare for a lot of HR managers. They see us as spoiled, self-enamoured and arrogant.» Those are the first words of «Glück schlägt Geld», published in 2014, in which communications expert and economist Kerstin Bund explains how millennials are changing the world of work.

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