About us

Swiss Prime Site was founded in 1999. The Company is the largest stock exchange-listed real estate group in Switzerland. Currently, its property portfolio is valued at CHF 13.1 billion. Including Swiss Prime Site Solutions, the group manages real estate assets of around CHF 21 billion.

Swiss Prime Site has continuously expanded its portfolio through acquisitions, developments and conversions as well as a strong focus on prime locations. The purchase of Maag Holding (2004) with the Maag Site in Zurich-West counts among the most paramount acquisitions to date, where Prime Tower and the surrounding buildings were constructed. The acquisition of Jelmoli (2009) doubled the value of the real estate holdings. Furthermore, significant projects such as YOND in Zurich and EspacePost in Berne or conversions of former office space have paved the way for generating additional growth and value in addition to creating premium locations. Together with Swiss Prime Site Solutions (third-party real estate asset management) and Akara (acquisition in January 2022), Swiss Prime Site manages real estate assets of around CHF 21 billion.

Real Estate Assets under Management

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