Our success relies on our qualified and committed employees. They dedicate their knowledge and skills to developing new locations and living spaces. 


We rely on our qualified and ambitious employees, who are entrusted with responsible tasks in an attractive working environment. We support our employees’ work-life balance through flexible, independent working models, including flexitime, part-time positions and mobile working.


Following a survey of all managers in 2019, in 2021 Swiss Prime Site invited all employees to complete the employee survey, which will be conducted annually from now on. The aim was to gather opinions around training and development. Across all employees, the topic was awarded an average of 70 out of a possible 100 points. Among managers, the score rose from 74 points in 2019 to 76 points. Performance appraisals – key to an employee’s development – scored 77 points. Managers scored them slightly higher, at 81 points, compared to 80 in 2019.

As part of their support for the next generation of managers and their responsibility as a significant employer, the Company makes positions available for basic vocational training. In 2021, Swiss Prime Site and its group companies employed 30 new apprentices. Since 2017, the Company’s «Real Talent 4 Real Estate» trainee programme has offered graduates with an affinity for real estate an insight into the various group companies – rotating between them every six months. In 2021, Swiss Prime Site and its group companies employed 9 new apprentices.


Diversity of people, opinions and experience is very important to us. Equal treatment, equal opportunity and respectful interaction are the foundation of a successful and effective working environment. Our Group-wide corporate values and Code of Conduct act as binding guidelines. These are based, among other things, on the principles of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also respect the United Nations’ «Women’s Empowerment Principles».


We support our employees with a variety of online and in-person training and education programmes, such as Group-wide trainee and leadership courses, management and introductory days, business- and industry-relevant courses and individual further training and development opportunities. In 2021, we invested around 0.8% of our salary costs in the training and development of our 1 667 employees. In addition, we use Group-wide events, job rotations and interdisciplinary collaboration to promote knowledge transfer, networking, team-building and the understanding of specific company processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

All employees are given one free day a year that they can dedicate to social causes on a voluntary basis. One example of this is volunteering for the organisation YES Young Enterprise Switzerland. This fosters a sense of responsibility towards the local community and promotes team-building.

What we have achieved so far


New Work at Swiss Prime Site

Since spring 2022, Swiss Prime Site employees have been enjoying not just a unique work location, but also new office spaces that epitomise the spirit of New Work. The return of floor space by a tenant in the Prime Tower offered the rare opportunity to move closer together and to merge and redesign…

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Job profile: Project manager Development & Construction

Developing property on greenfield sites or repositioning existing plots takes foresight, imagination, a self-starter attitude and a certain amount of courage. Annette Bohr tells us about her work as a Development & Construction Project Manager at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien.

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In Schlieren, on the site of a former printing area just outside the city of Zurich, Swiss Prime Site developed a location that brings together innovation, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. «JED» skilfully combines historic industrial character with the atmosphere of a modern workplace,…

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«We are like gear wheels in a machine that work together»

Andrea Schaller and Macarena Concha work for Swiss Prime Site Solutions. As Communications Manager and Head of Construction respectively, they carry a lot of responsibility and are passionate in pursuing their goals. In the following interview, they talk about how they tackle their work in a…

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Job profile: Project manager Acquisition & Sales

Buying and selling real estate requires an entrepreneurial mindset, teamwork and, above all, business management knowledge. Mikaela Carlsson and David Gysin talk about their work as project managers in the Acquisitions & Sales team at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien.

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Job profile: Asset Manager

The mix of financial work, real estate and personal interaction with different stakeholders makes the role of Asset Manager a highly varied one. Phailin Chotirat gives us an insight into his work.

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Traineeship: Real Passion 4 Real Estate

The traineeship programme by Swiss Prime Site, established in 2017, gives talented young people an opportunity to experience the exciting world of real estate first-hand. Over the course of the programme, which lasts between 18 months and two years, a small group of promising talents gains in-depth…

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