Selected Key Figures

Key financial figures



Rental income from propertiesCHF m426.7431.3
EPRA like-for-like change relative%1.31.9
Income from real estate developmentsCHF m52.09.1
Income from asset managementCHF m18.252.0
Income from real estate servicesCHF m119.4125.6
Income from retailCHF m119.5132.1
Total operating incomeCHF m749.5774.4
Revaluation of investment properties, netCHF m301.9169.7
Result from investment property sales, netCHF m39.950.9
Operating result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)CHF m730.0618.4
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m706.7559.4
ProfitCHF m498.9404.4
Return on equity (ROE)%8.06.2
Return on invested capital (ROIC)%4.33.3
Earnings per share (EPS)CHF6.575.27
Funds From Operations I per share (FFO I)CHF4.014.26
Funds From Operations II per share (FFO II)CHF4.344.64
Financial figures excluding revaluations and all deferred taxes   
Operating result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)CHF m428.1448.6
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m404.8389.6
ProfitCHF m293.7300.6
Return on equity (ROE)%4.84.7
Return on invested capital (ROIC)%2.82.6
Earnings per share (EPS)CHF3.873.92
Key balance sheet figures 31.12.202131.12.2022
Shareholders´ equityCHF m6 409.76 569.3
Equity ratio%47.547.7
Borrowed capitalCHF m7 089.77 201.9
Loan-to-value ratio of property portfolio (LTV)%40.238.9
NAV before deferred taxes per share1CHF101.22102.96
NAV after deferred taxes per share1CHF84.3785.64
EPRA NTA per shareCHF100.93102.69
Real estate portfolio   
Fair value of real estate portfolioCHF m12 793.513 087.7
  of which projects/development propertiesCHF m1 006.91 117.3
Number of propertiesnumber184176
Rental floor spacem21 677 0271 653 456
Vacancy rate%4.64.3
Average discount rate%2.752.69
Net property yield%3.23.1
Number of employees as at balance sheet datepersons1 6671 779
Full-time equivalents as at balance sheet dateFTE1 4741 567

1 Services segment (real estate-related business fields) included at book values only and not at fair values

The consolidated financial statements have been prepared in accordance with IFRS since the beginning of 2022. The previous year's figures are presented in accordance with IFRS.

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