Selected Key Figures

Group key figures   
Investment properties at fair valueCHF m11 765.412 322.6
Rental income from propertiesCHF m486.9424.7
Income from real estate developmentsCHF m79.850.1
Income from real estate servicesCHF m117.5115.2
Vacancy rate%4.75.1
Net property yield%3.53.2
Weighted average interest rate on financial liabilities%1.21.1
Total operating incomeCHF m1 258.8792.9
Revaluation of investment properties, netCHF m203.4203.4
Result from investment property sales, netCHF m20.822.2
Result from sale of participations, netCHF m-204.2
Operating result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)CHF m653.4779.9
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m628.3762.3
ProfitCHF m608.5610.4
Key figures Real Estate segment   
Rental income from propertiesCHF m437.3431.0
Income from real estate developmentsCHF m79.850.1
Total operating incomeCHF m519.5482.9
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m572.9555.0
Key figures Services segment   
Rental income from propertiesCHF m106.028.6
Income from real estate servicesCHF m148.1146.2
Income from retailCHF m127.8110.6
Income from assisted livingCHF m423.972.4
Income from asset managementCHF m13.513.1
Total operating incomeCHF m828.4378.2
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m55.5207.3
Group key financial figures   
Shareholders´ equityCHF m5 459.26 085.6
Equity ratio%44.447.8
Loan-to-value ratio of property portfolio (LTV)%45.741.9
Return on equity (ROE)%11.510.6
Return on invested capital (ROIC)%5.65.4
Earnings per share (EPS)CHF8.008.04
NAV before deferred taxes per share 1CHF86.3495.41
NAV after deferred taxes per share 1CHF71.8780.11
Group key figures excluding revaluation and all deferred taxes   
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m424.9558.9
ProfitCHF m315.7476.6
Earnings per share (EPS)CHF4.146.27
Return on equity (ROE)%6.38.5

1 Services segment (real estate-related business fields) included at book values only

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