Strategy and Business model


The key objectives of the Swiss Prime Site are constant growth and sustainably developing profitability. This means that the group's investments in the property sector are primarily concentrated on spaces for commercial use. Here, Swiss Prime Site can depend on its own expertise as it modernises, re-orients, and – last but by no means least – sustainably develops properties and sites.

A diversification strategy involves expanding existing business areas that are closely related to the real estate sector. Currently numbered among Swiss Prime Site's attractive group companies are Wincasa, Jelmoli and Swiss Prime Site Solutions.

A constantly changing market entails challenges, and the Swiss Prime Site group is well-equipped to answer these. As the largest listed real estate company, it places a high value on innovation and digitalisation, with a conscious sustainable management strategy making a significant contribution to the future of the company and its success.

Business model

Swiss Prime Site's business model is defined by the «Space to living space» concept. Project development, realisation and management form the core of this business model, alongside company-internal usage and real estate rentals. Particular focus is thereby placed on sustainable value generation and expanding the real estate portfolio. The latter is supported by purchases and optimised by sales.

The group companies are also elements of the long-term success strategy. Alongside Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, these include Wincasa, Jelmoli and Swiss Prime Site Solutions. These companies generate valuable additional contributions, and strengthen the integrated business model of the Swiss Prime Site group. This doesn't just significantly raise sales and operating profit: it also increases the synergies within the group and the individual companies.

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