Our strengths

Integrated business model

Swiss Prime Site is the leading partner for investors who wish to invest or are invested both indirectly and directly in the real estate market. Swiss Prime Site thus covers the entire investor spectrum from private investors to institutional investors. 

First-class locations

The fair value of our high-quality properties is CHF 13.1 billion. The portfolio consists of properties with a stable value in prime locations, primarily with office and retail floor space in the most densely populated regions and cities in Switzerland. The vacancy rate is 4.1%.

Generating sustainable value

As a company focused on the long-term, we invest across the group and at all levels of value creation in innovation, with the aim of a sustainable reduction in our resource use and a long-term increase in our financial success. Our real estate portfolio will become climate-neutral until 2040.

Attractive profitability

The existing portfolio has an attractive net return of 3.1%. At return on equity level, Swiss Prime Site achieves 9.0%. The project pipeline for the next few years includes numerous projects and an investment volume of around CHF 2 billion.

Focusing on the customer

For Swiss Prime Site, our customers and their needs are at the centre of our business. The Company develops tailor-made products and solutions that continue to meet our customers’ needs, thereby increasing their satisfaction and strengthening our relationship.

High share liquidity

Swiss Prime Site is the largest stock exchange-listed real estate company in Switzerland, with market capitalisation of around CHF 6 billion. The approximately 76 million registered shares have a free float of 100% and high liquidity on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Stable financing

The Company has stable, long-term financing through debt and shareholders’ equity. The equity ratio is 47.4%. Borrowed capital is composed of a balance of different instruments including loans and traditional and long-term bonds. The loan-to-value ratio is under 40%.

Equitable dividend policy

The Board of Directors pursues a balanced dividend policy. The target range for the payout ratio is between 80 ­– 90% of FFO I.

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