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Areas of action

Swiss Prime Site’s vision is to generate value and create sustainable living spaces. Swiss Prime Site considers value creation a comprehensive, multidimensional business concept in which…



Booking a space for workshops, a temporary office or an independent location for a team off-site – all this has been possible at Stücki Park since autumn 2021. The new «ZIP» solution is in keeping…


Decarbonisation, net zero, buildings as power plants – making the reduction pathway a reality

Innovation smooths the way for sustainable executive management at Swiss Prime Site – and is firmly entrenched in our strategy. This enables us to implement innovation as an integrated principle…


Investment Criteria

investitionsprofiL Swiss prime site immobilien (DE) Profil d’investissement Swiss Prime Site Immobilien (FR)  Bei der Investition in Objekte achten wir auf diverse Kriterien. Das…



Expansion and growth The formation of Swiss Prime Site in 1999 by the Credit Suisse Pension Fund, Siemens Pension Fund and Winterthur Leben (today: AXA) laid the foundation for the current property…



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Projects under construction

The construction projects comprise an investment volume (incl. land) of around CHF 900 million. The largest single project, with a volume of CHF 300 million, is Alto Pont-Rouge in Lancy. …


Executive Board

The real estate specialists who comprise the company's management team also have in-depth knowledge of the fields of architecture, civil engineering, building construction, asset management,…


Projects in planning phase

Projects with an estimated investment volume (incl. land) of around CHF 600 million are in the planning stage. Swiss Prime Site Immobilien also holds land reserves in addition to substantial…


Green leases – a marathon rather than a sprint!

With its Energy Strategy 2050, the federal government has set the course for a future of reduced environmental pollution. This means that sustainability issues and ESG (environment, social,…

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