Expansion and growth

The formation of Swiss Prime Site in 1999 by the Credit Suisse Pension Fund, Siemens Pension Fund and Winterthur Leben (today: AXA) laid the foundation for the current property portfolio. Further acquisitions and significant self-development projects (including Messeturm, Prime Tower, YOND and JED) increased the quality and size of the property portfolio to a total of CHF 13.1 billion.

Geographic allocation

The real estate portfolio of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien boasts a high level of quality of property and location, without exception. According to Wüest Partner, roughly 80% of the Group’s properties rank in the quadrants with the highest quality based on the overall market. The majority of properties (78%) are located in German-speaking Switzerland. In this context, canton Zurich and particularly Zurich City account for the lion’s share in this region with 46%. Another region in the spotlight is Geneva (20%).


Swiss Prime Site Immobillien has focused its portfolio of high-quality, value-retaining properties situated in prime locations primarily on commercial and services businesses and their needs. Of the total 1.7 million square metres of available floor space, 44% are leased as office and 26% as retail properties at present. The real estate portfolio’s maturity profile is long term and thus attractive.

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