Executive Board Detail

Gianfranco Basso

Head Construction

«Develop with passion. Inspire enthusiasm by communicating openly.»

Gianfranco Basso is Head of Construction and a Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. Gianfranco Basso takes a very hands-on approach to his work. He makes things happen.

By following his Architecture studies with a post-graduate qualification in Business Administration, Gianfranco Basso set the course of his future career at a comparatively early age. His 15 years of project management experience in the construction industry, where he held a number of executive management positions, provided him with a thorough insight into all aspects of real estate development. In 2016, he joined Swiss Prime Site AG. Gianfranco Basso enjoys working at full tilt. When he takes on a task, he does so with fervour and passion. It is important for him to identify fully with the projects on which he is working. That enables him to inspire enthusiasm among those around him. For a project to succeed, it must generate genuine excitement. It is also essential that all project team members communicate openly and authentically with each other. Gianfranco Bassi takes full responsibility for his actions. His word is his bond. When the going gets tough, that commitment is essential to enable people to pull together.

His approach to his leisure time is similarly energetic. When he feels the need to break free from the globally digitalised and virtual world in which he works, he finds true liberation riding his Harley Davidson or at the wheel of his sports car or his VW beetle. Paradoxically, despite hitting some impressive speeds, he manages to make the time he spends on his rides and drives pass slowly, so that he can savour every second. As a devoted family man, he also relishes the time he spends with his wife and children. The future will be shaped by our offspring. Gianfranco is aware that this places a great responsibility on his shoulders. With his hands-on approach to life, that is a responsibility he is more than ready to bear. For his children, for the future and for his projects at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG.

Gianfranco Basso has been working at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG since 2016.

Jean Megow

Head Region West

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«The only constant is change.»

Jean Megow is Project Manager for Development and Construction at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. To him, change is a necessity. It doesn't just present challenges – it also opens up new possibilities and opportunities.

In 2002, after completing his studies in Construction Engineering at RWTH Aachen, Jean Megow began his career as a building construction manager in a German construction company. In 2005, his path brought him to Switzerland, where he accumulated valuable experiences in the real estate sector: first as a project manager for a general contractor and then in project development. He neatly rounded off these skills with a Master's in Real Estate at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences in 2012. Thanks to a bilingual background (German and French), he was frequently given responsibility for international projects. It was this ideal package of skills that he brought with him to Swiss Prime Site in Geneva in 2016. Jean Megow delights in working intensively amidst the constant change in the real estate sector; he believes implicitly that anyone who doesn't try to anticipate change and adapt to it misses out on vital opportunities. He views every innovation as an opportunity, to be exploited.

Away from the working day, in his free time he likes to let life find its own pace. Walking in nature, sport, music and family time rejuvenate him and refresh him for new challenges. After all, only those who confront changes and their tasks can help to shape the future.

Jean Megow has been working for Swiss Prime Site AG since 2016.

Karin Voigt

Head Portfolio Management

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«Progress is only possible as a team.»

Karin Voigt is Head of Portfolio Management and a member of the Executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien. She ventured into the world of construction as one of the few women in the industry, and it’s a step she’s never regretted taking. Alongside her diverse professional responsibilities, she enjoys team sports and getting out into nature.

Karin Voigt holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Stuttgart, has completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich, as well as a Master of Advanced Studies in Real Estate (Curem) at UZH. She is also a member of RICS. She has extensive experience in project management, construction contracting and in construction and facility management. From 2010 to 2018, Karin Voigt held various management positions at Wincasa, a group company of Swiss Prime Site. In her last position, she was a member of the Executive Board for Construction & Facility Management and was responsible for around 90 employees across five departments.

Karin Voigt is highly organised and works in a very diplomatic manner. She enjoys working in a team, and values the different skills and personalities within a team which result in new ideas and possibilities. For Karin Voigt, trust isn’t just a basic requirement in the workplace, but also in her favourite sport, rowing.

Karin Voigt works for Swiss Prime Site since 2019.

Marcel Schaad

Head Acquisitions & Sales

«We don't just buy real estate. We invest in space for the unique.»

Marcel Schaad is Head of Acquisitions & Sales and a Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. For him, uniqueness is key. Every property tells its own story.

Marcel Schaad began his career with a law degree, followed by a Master's degree at Chicago, USA. Having successfully passed the bar exam in 2006, he found his way into the real estate sector in 2011, via a Master's in Real Estate from Zurich/CUREM. Between 2006 and 2013, his focus as a lawyer was on real estate transactions; in 2013 he assumed the role of Head of Acquisitions & Sales at Swiss Prime Site. He was also involved in initiating and implementing the SPS Academy Days. In addition, he carries out various teaching activities relating to real estate purchase and management, and has authored several articles about the real estate sector. Marcel Schaad has high standards for properties: he attaches great importance to giving every property a new and innovative face – every one must have an exceptional setting or structure if it is to win over its users.

Marcel isn't just passionate about property, though – he also loves salsa dancing: movement, music and balance provide equilibrium for his working day. He also enjoys the quieter hobby of chess, which requires such different skills: strategy, thought, calm. All in all, this is a perfect mixture: emotions, creativity, structured thinking and the eyes open for the next steps. Marcel Schaad feeds this combination of skills from his two hobbies into his professional tasks, giving his projects movement and life.

Marcel Schaad has been working for Swiss Prime Site AG since 2013.

Markus Meier

Chief Financial Officer

«Being successful on the market also means utilising resources in the right place.»

Chief Financial Officer
In this function since June 1, 2015
Member of the Group Executive Board


1990 Bachelor in Business Administration, 1994 Certified Public Accountant

Professional activity

Markus Meier has been Chief Financial Officer of Swiss Prime Site AG since 1 June 2015 and previously ad interim Chief Financial Officer since 1 January 2015. From 2009 to 31 December 2014, he held positions at Swiss Prime Site AG in the areas of Finance, Accounting and Investor Relations. Prior to that, he was Chief Financial Officer of Jelmoli AG and Mobimo AG as well as Head of Corporate Accounting and Tax at Ascom. He was also group controller at BZ Group after years of employment at Arthur Andersen (today Ernst & Young).

Other mandates

Mandates within Swiss Prime Site: Member of the board of directors of the following group companies: Jelmoli AG, Zurich; SPS Beteiligungen Alpha AG, Olten; SPS Beteiligungen Gamma AG, Olten; Swiss Prime Site Finance AG, Olten; Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG, Olten; Swiss Prime Site Management AG, Olten; Swiss Prime Site Solutions AG, Olten; Tertianum AG, Zurich; Wincasa AG, Winterthur; member of the foundation board of SPS and Jelmoli pension fund, Zurich; member of the foundation board of SPS and Jelmoli charitable foundation, Zurich.

Peter Lehmann

Chief Executive Officer

«We do not buy locations. We create them.»

Peter Lehmann is CEO of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG and a member of Swiss Prime Site's Group Executive Board. While generating added value at existing premium sites is a priority for him, one of his most important objectives is to create new locations.

Few people have as profound a knowledge of the Swiss real estate market as Peter Lehmann. After completing his training as a building designer, he worked on the construction-related aspects of property matters in the mutual funds division of a major bank, where he was also responsible for managing architectural projects. It was thanks to these assignments that Lehmann, an enthusiastic amateur pilot, reached the initial flight attitude of his career. As a managing director, between 1991 and late 2012, Peter Lehmann was in charge of Construction, Acquisition & Sales Switzerland and Real Estate Development in the Real Estate Asset Management division of Credit Suisse AG in Zurich. In 2002, he was nominated Chief Investment Officer of Swiss Prime Site AG. He assumed his current role in command of the flight deck of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG in March 2017.

Flying has taught him the importance of always maintaining a clear view of the overall picture and avoiding getting bogged down in excessive detail. While he regularly takes to the skies, he nevertheless keeps both feet on the ground. Developing innovative ideas is a key aspect of his work. More often than not, he finds his inspiration for these in the Mediterranean atmosphere of Mallorca, his favourite island.

Peter Lehmann has worked for Swiss Prime Site AG since 1999. In addition to his seat on the Board of Directors of Swiss Prime Site Finance AG, he is a member of the Investment Committees of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG and the SPS/Jelmoli pension fund. He is also a member of the Management Committee of the Swiss Real Estate Association VIS and Chairman of the Board of Directors of DUK AG, Freienbach.

Urs Baumann

Head Development

«Project development implies knowing future customers.»

Urs Baumann is Head of Development and member of the Executive Board of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. He also assumes responsibility for the realms of sustainability and innovation at the Swiss Prime Site Group level.

Urs Baumann studied architecture at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Mendrisio as well as at TU Delft in the Netherlands within the scope of an Erasmus Scholarship, obtaining his diploma in 2002. From 2002 to 2007, he worked in different architecture businesses in Baden, Dublin and Zurich as project leader, managing various new building and redevelopment projects ranging from planning to construction.

From 2007 to 2016, Urs Baumann was first active in project management and starting from 2008 he held various positions in the area of project development at Implenia Switzerland AG, ultimately as member of the business executive management team and responsible person for portfolio development in German-speaking Switzerland. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Zurich with an Executive MBA.

Urs Baumann resides in Wettingen, is married and the father of two children. Values such as respect, ambition, innovation, responsibility and integrity play a significant role for Urs Baumann in both his private and professional life. «Empathising with other people and adopting new perspectives support me in generating ideas, developing consensus-oriented strategies and awakening emotions.»

Urs Baumann has been employed at Swiss Prime Site AG since 2016.

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