Innovation is what drives our sustainable management. Innovation and the related processes are an integral part of our business and sustainability strategy. This enables us to implement innovation as an overarching, integrated principle across all our business fields.

Culture of Innovation

In order to offer our clients sustainable and innovative products and services with the greatest possible added value, we rely on an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and the creativity of our employees in every phase of the real estate life cycle. On the basis of a group-wide anchored information and issue management, innovation processes are driven forward and the innovative strength of Swiss Prime Site is increased. Several times a year, we organize innovation workshops on megatrends and future topics. The aim of the workshops is to develop concrete ideas and to anchor innovative thinking in the corporate culture of Swiss Prime Site.

Future Board

The Future Board is the innovation panel of the Swiss Prime Site Group and facilitates the operational implementation of group-wide innovation activities on the basis of our sustainability goals. The interdisciplinary committee brings together experts from Swiss Prime Site and the Group companies. The board drives the implementation of bottom-up innovation and ensures a seamless transfer of know-how and innovation to the Group companies. It further analyzes mega and market trends, develops future scenarios and creates the required infrastructures, products and services. The focus lies on the following five focal points:

  • Circular Economy & ConstructionTech
  • Smart Building
  • Culture of Experimentation & Culture change
  • Making data usable
  • Impact measurement & Corporate Ventures Development

The members of the Swiss Prime Site Group

The members of the Group companies

Our Vision

Together, we provide unexpected, impactful and forward-looking impetus in the competitive environment and consistently align our activities with the dynamic user needs in order to achieve our leadership aspirations.

What we have achieved so far


The new normal: flexible office spaces

The current pandemic has shown that radical change is also sweeping through office settings. It is incumbent on property investors to work with their tenants to come up with sustainable solutions for future office spaces.

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The circular economy is more than just recycling

As the leading real estate company in Switzerland, Swiss Prime Site is committed to sustainability and assumes responsibility for its actions, the environment and society. An innovation workshop held in September 2020 examined the question of how Swiss Prime Site’s business models could do more to…

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Ideas for success

For Swiss Prime Site, innovation is a key driver for sustainable business. By staging innovation workshops, the company aims to anticipate the requirements of stakeholders early on and create added value for them. A report on the most recent innovation workshop on the subject of «changing values».

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Living spaces

Innovation and property development in dialogue

Properties should be sustainable and districts vibrant. The cities of the future are not only technologically smart but also more socially cohesive and greener. What role does innovation play in the successful and sustainable development of living environments?

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Innovation – expecting the unexpected

Innovation is part of human DNA and has been around forever. Technological change has always had a tendency to be disruptive and has led to economic, societal and environmental upheaval in the past. That was back when start-ups were known as «young companies» and venture capital was called «risk…

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