Accelerator Programme

As part of our Startup Accelerator Programme, we work with young companies from Switzerland and abroad. This regularly results in long-term collaborations, prototypes and new products, as well as extensive PoC studies, customer partnerships and strategic investments.

Accelerator Workshops

The Accelerator Workshops are part of our Startup Accelerator Programme. Every year we hold several workshops on different topics. Building and expanding a long-term, constructive business relationship is of primary importance to us, as it allows both parties to develop sustainably, paving the way to stable competitive advantages.

During the workshops, start-ups, specialists from Swiss Prime Site and our network work together for two days to develop new ideas and solutions. The start-ups benefit from individual coaching and can further develop their business case. In the final presentation, the start-ups introduce the specifically developed use cases to the management of Swiss Prime Site and submit their offer for a collaboration.

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Performance Materials

Relevant topics: Circular Economy, new and sustainable building materials, etc.

Development / ConstructionTech / Retrofitting

Relevant topics: BIM / Digital Twin, Modular Construction, 3D Printing, Energy production and saving, etc.

Scouting / TransactionTech

Relevant topics: Blockchain, Digital Marketplaces, Environmental analysis and simulation, Digital Valuation, etc.

Portfolio & Asset Management

Relevant topics: Future of Work, Healthy Building, Alternative Uses, Digital Leasing, Customer Journey, etc.

Smart Building / Facility Management / Other Services

Relevant topics: Space Analytics, E-Mobility, Security, RetailTech and Logistics

What the founders say

«I’m delighted by the collaboration with the experts of Swiss Prime Site, who asked the right questions and helped us develop our business case further», Dr Gnanli Landrou, founder and Lead Executive Officer of Oxara.

«The Swiss Prime Site workshop was systematic and strategically well thought out. The workshop clearly symbolised to us which preferences and policies are anchored in the real estate industry. The change of perspective was downright supportive for us», Fabio Hüther, founder of Evodrop.

«To us, Swiss Prime Site is a real partner, supporting and advising us both in terms of business and management, which is virtually priceless for successfully and organically scaling up», Manu Lubrano, CEO Involi.


Memox: The start-up offers rooms for meetings and workshops at prime locations. The spaces are fully equipped so that tenants can get started immediately.

Flexoffice: The company offers a 360-degree service for agile working at numerous Swiss Prime Site locations. Office space can be rented that is completely tailored to individual needs.

Airlite: Use of airlite's germicidal and climate-friendly wall paint with impressive results in terms of air quality and wellbeing on the surfaces. For example, in the Messeturm and Prime Tower. 

Dates 2023

13. - 14. June 2023


14. - 15. November 2023

CleanTech / Sustainability / ESG

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