Our Corporate Values


We treat everybody with respect.

  • We treat one another with respect and esteem.
  • Our understanding of leadership is based on mutual trust.
  • We communicate transparently, constructively and value diversity of opinion.
  • We motivate and act fairly.


We set high targets for ourselves.

  • We set ambitious targets for ourselves and realise these goals with passion and initiative.
  • We create sustainable added value for our stakeholders.
  • We are committed to the success of the company.


We live for innovation and develop constantly.

  • We foster and seek innovation – blazing new trails and continuously further developing ourselves.
  • We set new standards.
  • We promote an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and the creativity of our employees.


We take our responsibility seriously and stand by our work.

  • We act responsibly in the interest of our Company and take into account the effects on society and the environment.
  • We strictly adhere to the law, our compliance standards and fulfil a role model function.
  • We strive for sustainable success through the target-oriented development and promotion of our employees.


Integrity is the focal point of our activities.

  • We act according to clear principles and our common understanding of values.
  • We respect and promote diversity.
  • We are authentic, reliable and keep our promises.
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