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The «Tribsche» new build project in Lucerne is adding value to the district

Work on the development project in the urban Tribsche district of Lucerne began at the start of 2016. The vision was to create a new building predominantly for residential use on the land reserve. After a construction period of around two years, the first building is now close to completion.

Swiss Prime Site Solutions is managing this architecturally exciting project for its client Swiss Prime Investment Foundation. In the project planning phase, four architecture firms were asked to draw up a study as part of a competitive bidding process. The project by Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten was found to be the most impressive overall. With more than 150 apartments as well as space for public utilisation concepts on the ground floor, it offered the greatest added value for the district. In the next phase, the study was substantiated and prepared for the submission of the construction application in mid-2017. The building permit was granted in February 2018 and the construction work got underway in October 2019.

Living space in a unique location

The new development consisting of two residential buildings and a commercial property will stand within walking distance of the train station, KKL Luzern and Lake Lucerne. The residential buildings, «Punkthaus» and «Winkelhaus», will contain a total of 159 1.5- to 4.5-room luxury apartments on seven floors. Approximately 1 700 m² of commercial space will be available on the ground floor.

The three buildings are positioned around a carefully designed, landscaped, attractive inner courtyard where people can meet up or enjoy a break.

«With its open architecture and elegant setting, the inner courtyard adds value to the entire district», says Macarena Concha, Head of Construction at Swiss Prime Site Solutions. «It is an important, central feature of the superstructure and will eventually serve as a place where people can meet up. It is a real-world example of how urban densification, sustainability and attractive landscaping can add value for tenants», adds Concha.

«With its open architecture and elegant setting, the inner courtyard adds value to the entire district.»

Sustainable infrastructure

These days, new buildings must be as sustainable as possible, which is why the Winkelhaus is being equipped with a photovoltaic system. This will enable a collective self-consumption community to be formed. In addition, the buildings will be certified according to the Minergie standard and heated through district heating.

Great start to marketing activities

The marketing activities for the new spaces started in September 2020. «The marketing of 159 apartments in the first phase got off to a great start», says Leo Smeets, Head of Sales, Acquisitions & Letting at Swiss Prime Site Solutions. The Punkthaus will be ready for occupancy in August 2021; 85 percent of the available space has already been let. The Winkelhaus will be ready in February 2022 – here, 33 percent of the residential properties have already been snapped up. In addition, a lease for a large portion of the available commercial space has already been agreed with Migros. More information can be found at:

Second phase imminent

The planning for the second phase of the development project began at the end of October 2020. The old commercial building that is also located on the site will be demolished and replaced with a new build containing around 100 additional apartments with retail space on the ground floor. The construction application will be submitted in the fourth quarter of 2021.


  • Investment volume: approx. CHF 70 million (excl. land)
  • Project idea: residential development on building land reserve
  • Planned completion: mid-2019 to start of 2022
  • Utilisation: residential, retail and services
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