Our Commitments

With its business operations, Swiss Prime Site contributes to economic and social development in many different ways. We are committed to training young people and our employees, and we also support social and cultural organisations and projects as part of our various sponsorship activities. 

In line with the core-satellite approach defined in the sponsorship concept, we make important contributions to projects that are closely related to our core business of real estate, where we support projects in the areas of innovation, research, teaching and charity. The «satellite» initiatives support smaller-scale projects in the categories of youth, sport and culture. We regularly inform our employees about the activities and progress of the different sponsorship activities in various ways throughout the year.

Swiss Prime Site employees are given one day off per year to carry out volunteer work. «Make a Difference Day» not only increases the sense of responsibility towards the community, but also fosters a sense of togetherness within the company. Initiatives include the coaching for mini-enterprises as part of the YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland) company programme. 

Innovation, research and education

As Switzerland’s largest listed real estate company, contributing towards economic and social development is a matter close to our hearts. We therefore work with and maintain partnerships with relevant organisations and start-ups in the field of research. Through our Corporate Ventures activities, we also look to develop innovative products and seek out new scalable business models that our employees could apply in their daily work. In the areas of innovation, research and teaching, we also work with Young Enterprise Switzerland, Startup Days and Avenir Suisse, among other relevant organisations.

Young Enterprises Switzerland

Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES) is a non-profit organisation that develops and supports practice-oriented business and opinion education programmes for students, with the aim of creating more relevance between business and school work. Swiss Prime Site CEO René Zahnd serves as Chairman of the organisation. YES’s main programme is the «Company Programme» that accompanies mini-enterprises for a year and offers them financial and practical support.

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Avenir Suisse

Avenir Suisse is an independent think tank that works for the future of Switzerland by developing evidence-based, liberal, free-market ideas. The motivation behind Avenir Suisse’s work is the long-term preservation and enhancement of Switzerland’s prosperity.  

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Startup Days

We are the main partner of Startup Days. High-quality investors, innovative companies and other important players network and share their know-how at this annual conference. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box and enhance their skills. The aim is to form innovative partnerships. 

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Charitable commitments

In the area of charity work, Swiss Prime Site supports organisations that are committed mainly to helping children and young people in Switzerland and abroad. There is a strong focus on promoting education, development and inclusion in social and societal structures.

SOS Children's Villages

The focus of SOS Children's Villages is on the long-term and holistic development of children. It does so by providing children in need with a loving family environment based on reliable relationships and personal, family-like care. The organisation is active on all five continents and manages more than 500 children’s villages worldwide.

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The sport initiatives revolve around supporting Swiss athletes. The aim is to help them achieve a high level of performance and promote up-and-coming talents so that Switzerland can continue being successful in the world of sport.

Schweizer Sporthilfe

The association Schweizer Sporthilfe has been supporting athletes on their way to the top for more than 50 years. We are a Silver Partner of Schweizer Sporthilfe.

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Athletes Network

Athletes Network is a platform for active and former Swiss athletes. Often, the skills acquired during a career as a top athlete can also be useful in the business world. Athletes Network supports its members during the transition process and connects them with established companies such as Swiss Prime Site (Platinum Partner). 

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With our diverse commitment, we fulfil our role model function towards our employees, partners and all other stakeholders. The values we convey are deeply anchored in our corporate culture and are appreciated and lived by our employees.

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