Meta Prime Tower


Meta Prime Tower

Prime Tower goes Metaverse! With its 126 metres in height and 36 floors, it is one of the tallest office buildings in Switzerland. Now Prime Tower is entering new spheres and since 2023 can also be found in the Metaverse. It digitally covers the entire Swiss Prime Site value chain - from acquisition, project planning and construction to marketing and leasing.

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Fusion of Off- und Online

With the Meta Prime Tower, we offer our clients additional benefits, such as the transfer of innovation, easy access to new technologies and trends, or the opportunity for the next step in «talent acquisition» by reaching a new generation. Further benefits:

  • Virtual representation in the metaverse with audience expansion
  • Overcoming physical limitations (virtual events, concerts, galleries, etc.) 
  • Extension of accessibility (location and time independence) for all end users
  • New customer experience
  • Branding and storytelling through interaction and gamification in the metaverse
  • Concretisation of the hybrid approach
  • Experience of virtual encounters, events or rental space


Anyone who rents a space in the Meta Prime Tower gets the opportunity to design it according to their own wishes. The company's own corporate design can be applied to the interior and gives the digital spaces an identity. Community spaces, video displays and quests make it possible to interact with employees and external customers. Especially for companies with several locations, this offers a way to unite all employees and customers in one place - for example at an event on the rooftop. Good to know: With a zipline, you can get from the rooftop back to the ground in just a few seconds.

Top 10 Digital Real Estate Award

Der Meta Prime Tower wurde 2024 von Publikum in die Top 10 des Digital Real Estate Awards von Pom+Consulting AG gewählt! Somit gehört der Meta Prime Tower zu den innovativsten Projekten der Immobilienbranche!

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About the location

Meta Prime Tower is located in Decentraland. This is one of the largest and most well-known browser-based platforms for virtual 3D worlds. Users can use their avatars to visit digital community spaces, shopping miles, art galleries as well as concerts and other virtual events and buy digital products there.

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