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Booking a space for workshops, a temporary office or an independent location for a team off-site – all this has been possible at Stücki Park since autumn 2021. The new «ZIP» solution is in keeping with the times, offering prestigious team offices and meeting rooms with contemporary, flexible rental terms in the innovative Life Science Hub. A new solution from Swiss Prime Site for the dynamic Basel location.

The ways in which we work are becoming ever more flexible. The two main drivers of this social development are the increase in general mobility over the past decade and the effects of the pandemic. The trend for co-working spaces has increased significantly, and really picked up pace in 2015. According to Wüest Partner, the spaces on offer in Switzerland had quadrupled by 2020. The commercial centres of Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva and Basel in particular saw a significant expansion in space. Although the pandemic put a temporary brake on this development between 2020 and 2022, it didn’t have negative consequences for the overall trend. In fact, there has been renewed demand for flexibility, both in terms of time and location.

Stücki Park – A site with a history and a future 
The site in Basel’s north – once a dyeing factory, then a shopping centre – has been rebuilt and repositioned by the owner Swiss Prime Site since 2017. Around 35 000 m2 of retail space was resized to less than 10 000 m2, with a focus on meeting the needs of the surrounding neighbourhood. The existing areas also saw the addition of a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley, Switzerland’s largest virtual reality centre, places to eat and co-working spaces. The site also gained a walkway between the former shopping centre and the business park in the eastern section. This improved accessibility and flow for visitors, residents and employees of the companies on the site. Strong demand in the region – as well as from existing tenants in Stücki Park – for modern research and laboratory spaces prompted Swiss Prime Site to significantly expand the site in two construction phases representing four additional buildings. Within one of the new properties, Swiss Prime Site integrated a new solution with flexible spaces for whole teams, start-ups and small companies. «ZIP» is also ideal as an «overflow» for existing major tenants in the event of acute and/or temporarily heightened space requirements. Individuals can still find classic co-working spaces on offer in the immediate vicinity of Stücki Village.

«The ways in which we work are becoming ever more flexible. The two main drivers of this social development are the increase in general mobility over the past decade and the effects of the pandemic.»

ZIP – spaces with short, flexible rental periods  
Building F at Hochbergerstrasse 60 in Stücki Park was completed in autumn 2021. The first two floors are home to ZIP. Run by the management company Wincasa, the site functions on the simple «plug & work» principle – or «move in and get to work». ZIP allows users to rent team offices and meeting spaces with first class fittings; just walk in and start your work – or workshop – straight away. Rental spaces can be upgraded or individually furnished on request, with framework conditions that offer customers maximum flexibility. Together with other tenants, they benefit from shared services, with the on-site infrastructure designed for joint use. It offers a particularly fertile, innovative environment for start-ups, which benefit from comparatively low rental costs and the ability to work productively and implement their business cases right from the start. The surrounding area is urban in character and offers a wide range of possibilities – the largest fitness centre in the region, shops, bars, restaurants and attractive entertainment options. And with tenants like Lonza, Medartis, Boerhinger Ingelheim, Liveo Research, Bachtera, NBE Therapeutics and Technologiepark Basel, great opportunities for networking in the life sciences field are guaranteed.

Attractive team offices and meeting spaces
Currently, seven well-equipped team offices with capacity for between eight and twelve workplaces are available for rent in ZIP. There is also an attractive meeting room with a «breakout zone» and two central printer stations available to all tenants. Another advantage is the minimum rental period of three months – very short for current standards. ZIP offers exactly the right spaces for meetings, workshops or creative gatherings. Tenants can individually book seven meeting rooms and an auditorium offering between 17 m2 and 113 m2 of space for events or meetings by the hour. The spaces are bright and appealing and fitted with state-of-the-art technology. All meeting rooms have the latest screens, which can be activated individually. There is also the option to reserve catering with each booking. On top of all that, there is a bar with service, self-catering options and a break zone with a microwave, coffee machine, water dispenser and seating. The meeting rooms are available to tenants of the ZIP team offices, companies in the properties neighbouring Stücki Park, as well as start-ups and companies in the greater Basel region.

«Move in and get to work – ZIP allows users to rent team offices and meeting spaces with first class fittings; just walk in and start your work – or workshop – straight away.»

Services and community – the key to success
ZIP tenants benefit from these services and extras in the building itself or at Stücki Park. Bookings for team offices and meeting rooms are exclusive, but at the same time, tenants automatically form part of a dynamic, modern community of innovative companies in one of the most attractive economic regions in Switzerland. The infrastructure and layout of ZIP are designed to support concentrated, focused work, but also to encourage exchange between tenants where desired.

Flexible into the future
Swiss Prime Site has long understood that tenants have a great need for flexibility in every facet and dimension. The company is resolutely continuing on this path by expanding the range of flexible rental spaces for teams. Additional «space as a service» solutions will follow in the coming years, with fully developed, state-of-the-art laboratory and research areas from Superlab Suisse at multiple locations in Switzerland.

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