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Job profile: Project manager Development & Construction

Developing property on greenfield sites or repositioning existing plots takes foresight, imagination, a self-starter attitude and a certain amount of courage. Annette Bohr tells us about her work as a



Jelmoli is the leading omnichannel premium department store in Switzerland. The traditional house is located on Bahnhofstrasse and the stores at Zurich Airport in the Airside Center and Circle inspi



Booking a space for workshops, a temporary office or an independent location for a team off-site – all this has been possible at Stücki Park since autumn 2021. The new «ZIP» solution is in keeping wit


Decarbonisation, net zero, buildings as power plants – making the reduction pathway a reality

Innovation smooths the way for sustainable executive management at Swiss Prime Site – and is firmly entrenched in our strategy. This enables us to implement innovation as an integrated principle acros


Green leases – a marathon rather than a sprint!

With its Energy Strategy 2050, the federal government has set the course for a future of reduced environmental pollution. This means that sustainability issues and ESG (environment, social, governance


Gianfranco Basso

«Develop with passion. Inspire enthusiasm by communicating openly.» Gianfranco Basso is Head of Construction and a Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG. By following his A


«We are like gear wheels in a machine that work together»

Andrea Schaller and Macarena Concha work for Swiss Prime Site Solutions. As Communications Manager and Head of Construction respectively, they carry a lot of responsibility and are passionate in pursu


Logistics real estate? It’s logical, really.

The real estate industry has been catering to the growing demand for logistics properties for some time now. This trend has been further accelerated by greater mobility and general digitalisation in s


Space as a service!

The digitalisation of society and the accompanying need for flexible solutions to ensure convenient and modern day-to-day working is having a considerable influence on the real estate market. Property


«I wouldn’t say a rocky road, but it definitely called for perseverance.»

Swiss Prime Site Solutions, which has been approved as a fund manager by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), launched its first real estate fund on 1 November 2021. Maximilian Ho

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