Operating income


million CHF
-37.0% year-on-year1



million CHF
+0.3% year-on-year

Real Estate Assets under Management


billion CHF
+9.3% year-on-year

Operating result


million CHF
+21.3% year-on-year

Equity ratio


+7.7% year-on-year



-11.8% year-on-year2

Vacancy rate


+8.5% year-on-year

Emission intensity


kg CO2e/m2 emission intensity of the property portfolio (Scope 1–3)
-7.0% year-on-year



-73.4% year-on-year1

1 Sale of the Tertianum Group on 28 February 2020
2 Proposal to the annual general meeting


Dear Shareholders

Almost exactly a year ago, a challenging time began for us all. In the middle of lockdown, I became Chairman of the Swiss Prime Site Board of Directors. The social and political uncertainties brought about by COVID-19 have not made it easy to weather the crisis. For the management and Board of Directors, the wellbeing and safety of our employees and customers was our priority. Despite not being physically together, we created momentum and successfully coped with this extraordinary year. Swiss Prime Site ends the year with a positive operating result of CHF 762.3 million. Profit was CHF 610.4 million. The Board of Directors will propose to the 2021 Annual General Meeting a dividend of CHF 3.35.

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Agility, flexi­bility and respon­sibility in the new normal

The past 12 months have strongly influenced our perception of the world. As a society, we have had to restrict ourselves and partially and temporarily give up freedoms we took for granted. This is in order to protect ourselves but also others. Agility and flexibility are two important virtues, especially in these times, to deal with changing circumstances.

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A successful year marked by the pandemic

2020 was a year that demanded much from us, both as people and as a community, and presented us with many challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and its implications significantly impacted our social lives and our economy. The resulting «quake» was clearly and immediately felt both by the Swiss real estate industry and by us – the country’s largest listed real estate company. However, the crisis also presented us with opportunities: Swiss Prime Site worked with its customers to take swift and efficient action and find solutions. Internal processes were optimised with and for employees and real estate projects were advanced well, despite the tough conditions.

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Annual Report for the year 2020

2020 will enter the history books as an unprecedented financial year. The pandemic had a major social and economic impact in 2020, one that was felt by both the Swiss real estate sector and the Swiss Prime Site Group. However, despite the challenging situation, the Company still managed to meet many of its targeted goals and achieve good results in the end. In 2020, Swiss Prime Site generated an operating income of CHF 792.9 million [CHF 1 258.8 million] and an operating result (EBIT) of CHF 762.3 million [CHF 628.3 million].

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Reporting at Swiss Prime Site

Comparison of key figures

Swiss Prime Site

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Swiss Prime Site Solutions




Creat­ing living spaces

Swiss Prime Site AG is the leading listed real estate company in Switzerland. Its high-quality real estate portfolio is worth approximately CHF 12 billion and consists of properties with good value retention in prime locations, which predominantly comprise office and retail floor space. Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG invests in high-quality buildings and land, which together with conversion and development of entire areas form the company’s core business. In doing this, the Group creates market-compliant, sustainable living spaces for customers and society as a whole. The Services business segment comprises the real estate-related Group companies Swiss Prime Site Solutions, Wincasa and Jelmoli. This gives Swiss Prime Site a unique positioning to meet customers' needs in the long term, increase their satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty. In addition, the company invests in innovation across the Group and wherever possible at all levels of the value chain in order to sustainably reduce the consumption of resources and ensure the long-term increase of financial success.

Strategy and business model

Real Estate segment

Services segment

Engagement and responsibility

Sustainability is an integral element of Swiss Prime Site’s corporate strategy. As part of their business activities, the Company is committed to the transformation into an economy and society that builds on the partnerships between different stakeholders and in which commercial success, human well-being and a careful use of natural resources go hand in hand.

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«The integration of key sustainability aspects in the business model not only makes commercial sense, it also reflects Swiss Prime Site’s understanding when it comes to recognising the cross- generational responsibil­ity to create and design sustainable living spaces!»

Martin Pfenninger
Head Group Sustainabilty Swiss Prime Site

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living spaces of tomorrow.

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Material issues

In 2019, as part of a comprehensive materiality analysis, Swiss Prime Site determined for the second time since 2017 which issues are particularly important for the further development of integrated management. This enabled the Company to create the basis for the integration of important financial and non-financial issues into the management of the group and defined the strategic focus of integrated reporting (GRI 102-49).

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«JED has been designed according to our current and future requirements: workstations, work lounges and creative zones. Between the workstations, we install breakout areas and facilities that can be used spontaneously. All the large conference rooms will be located in «The Branch», our co- working space that outside companies will also be able to book.»

Andreas Hänsenberger
Concept Developer, Halter AG

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office spaces of the future.

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Group objectives and roadmap

Swiss Prime Site sets targets that are phased in over time and focused on different levels. These targets and measures are based on the question of how the company can create value for different stakeholders. Moreover, which issues are particularly important for them and for the short, medium and long-term business success. Using materiality analysis, the financial and non-financial topics that will have a significant impact on general economic, social and environmental developments are evaluated and defined. On this basis, the goals are developed and put down into a roadmap – structured according to the capitals of the «integrated reporting» approach. This procedure reflects a sustainable business management and provides the basis for the integrated reporting.

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«Sustainable success is based on medium- and long-term objectives being systematically rooted in the business plan and reflected as measurable indicators in the ­management’s annual objectives.»

René Zahnd
CEO Swiss Prime Site

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Swiss Prime Site’s attitude and
goals regarding sustainability.

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For Swiss Prime Site, regular dialogue with all stakeholders is a key element of sustainable leadership. The Company seeks to identify needs and expectations in dialogue and focus business activities towards meeting these in harmony with the corporate strategy. This particularly applies to the needs and issues of customers. All group companies are in constant communication with them, whether as part of daily business interaction, through dedicated feedback conversations or the usual information channels.


«Nearly all of us are currently working from home. However, despite digitalisation and remote working, it is clear that innovation and good ideas also come from personal and physical interaction in teams. JED offers the perfect conditions for developing new ideas through to market success with our customers.»

Nicolas Durville
CEO and Partner Zühlke Group

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innovative «YOND» project.

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Swiss Prime Site is aware of its responsibility when it comes to climate protection and has been committed for some time to contributing towards the 2-degree goal of the Paris Climate Accord and the Swiss Federal Council’s climate neutrality goal. Taking both these targets into account, in 2019 the Company developed a CO2 reduction pathway for the whole property portfolio. Swiss Prime Site plans to invest around CHF 650 million by 2050 to ensure that the group can also reach the long-term objective of climate neutrality.

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«Our proprietary ESG analysis indicates Swiss Prime Site as one of the favoured companies in the future, as the company makes big efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. The planned strategic steps will help further to im­prove the sustainability of the portfolio and avoid potential future costs (e.g. CO2 taxes).»

Pascal Boll
Equity Research Analyst Stifel Schweiz

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key strengths here.

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The success of the Swiss Prime Site Group is founded on highly competent and committed employees. They contribute their knowledge and ability to develop sustainable living spaces and render high-quality services. Swiss Prime Site entrusts them with important responsibilities and offers an attractive working environment characterised by flexible working-time models and comprehensive training and development opportunities. In doing so, Swiss Prime Site hopes to strengthen employee loyalty and ensure a strong customer focus across all processes.

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«After several years at Wincasa, I can now contribute my knowledge to facility management at Swiss Prime Site and in turn I can learn from my colleagues every day. Learning and developing within the Swiss Prime Site Group offer exciting prospects.»

Michael Strebel
Asset Manager Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

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Living spaces

1/2 We create living spaces – sustainably, innovatively and passionately.


1/2 We have an impact on the cities in which people like to work, stay and live.


1/2 Our real estate portfolio will become climate-neutral until 2040.


1/2 We encourage communities and connect tenants and employees in our properties.