Bernhard Rychen

Chief Financial Officer

Bernhard Rychen

“Putting the client first and providing top-quality service is the key to success.”

Bernhard Rychen has been CFO of Swiss Prime Site Solutions since August 2018. He also leads a team of financial specialists as Head of Group Accounting for the Swiss Prime Site Group.

He is a certified public accountant and has many years of experience in the areas of finance and controlling and auditing. Bernhard has acquired extensive knowledge in numerous aspects of accounting and profitability analysis from various training and development courses. As CFO and a member of the Management Board, he has played a major part in the success of Swiss Prime Site Solutions.

Team spirit is very important to Bernhard in his professional environment. He is a firm believer in always going the extra mile to achieve success.

Bernhard has been with Swiss Prime Site AG since 2015.

    Anastasius Tschopp

    Chief Executive Officer

    Anastasius Tschopp

    “Change is inevitable, so we may as well use it to our advantage.”

    Anastasius Tschopp has been CEO of Swiss Prime Site Solutions since 2018. Previously, he made an important contribution to the core Real Estate business as Head of Portfolio Management within the Swiss Prime Site Group.

    Through his work at Zurich airport and with a major Swiss bank, he acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of management, strategy and marketing. He has shaped Swiss Prime Site’s real estate portfolio over several years, from accounting and tenant management through to the management of major projects. A believer in lifelong learning, he has completed various further education courses since completing his initial training in the construction industry.

    He also believes that everyone should go through life with an open mind. We should see our horizons not as the end, but rather as the beginning of something new. This attitude has helped him to achieve many of his goals.

    Anastasius has been with Swiss Prime Site AG since 2014.

    Andrea Schaller

    Investor Relations & Communications Manager

    Andrea Schaller has held the role of Investor Relations & Communications Manager at Swiss Prime Site Solutions since March 2020.

    She has extensive expertise in the areas of marketing & communications and investor relations after many years of working for international companies in various industries. As a federally certified communication specialist with solid training behind her, Andrea ensures efficient communication with all stakeholders across a wide range of channels. She also supports the executive management in the area of investor relations.

    Cohesion and interaction within the team are very important to Andrea.

    As a former top athlete, she spends a lot of time outdoors, is always on the go and keeps herself fit with various sports.

    Arianna Mancuso

    Assistant to CEO

    Arianna Mancuso has served as the CEO’s assistant at Swiss Prime Site Solutions since June 2018. She also provides business support for the CEO of the Swiss Prime Investment Foundation. Arianna is experienced in the areas of real estate management and key account management.

    She is currently studying part-time for a degree in business administration.

    Cohesion and trust are very important to her in her professional environment. She believes these two factors form the basis for success as a team, achieving common goals and driving the entire company forwards.

    Dolores Caccavello

    Assistant to the executive board

    Dolores Caccavello has been Assistant to the executive Board at Swiss Prime Site Solutions since January 2020.

    She has many years of professional experience in the area of assistance and back office for leading companies.

    For her, open communication forms the basis for good teamwork. In her free time, Dolores enjoys spending time with her family, in her garden and enjoys cooking.

    Leo Smeets

    Head Letting

    Leo Smeets

    Leo Smeets has been with Swiss Prime Site Solutions since November 2018. He is responsible for lettings within the Acquisition & Sales team and has a large network of clients.

    He has worked at renowned real estate companies, where he gained extensive experience of letting and marketing large properties. His real-world experience is complemented by a Master’s in architecture.

    Leo sees honesty and a constructive approach as the two most important elements in his daily work with the team.

    Macarena Concha

    Head Construction

    Macarena Concha has been Head Construction at Swiss Prime Site Solutions since September 2019.

    She has many years of internationally acquired professional experience in real estate development and architecture. The graduate architect with a MAS Real Estate (CUREM) degree will thus be able to lead important projects for the company to success.

    For her, honest communication and goal-oriented work form the basis for success in her profession. In her spare time Macarena likes to spend time with her family and enjoys sports.

    Oliver Mutti

    Head Portfolio Management

    Oliver Mutti

    Oliver Mutti joined Swiss Prime Site Solutions in September 2018 as Head of Portfolio Management.

    He has extensive expertise in the areas of financial analysis, asset management and portfolio management. He has a MAS UZH degree in Reas Estate. The business economist (HWV) and financial analyst (CIIA) manages and is responsible for the Swiss Prime Investment Foundation’s entire property portfolio with a value of more than CHF 2 billion.

    Oliver is an experienced team player who believes that even small changes can sometimes produce big, positive results.

    Patrick Rossi

    Head Acquisitions & Sales

    Patrick Rossi

    Patrick Rossi has served as Head Acquisitions & Sales at Swiss Prime Site Solutions since October 2017.

    He has extensive experience in various areas of real estate, such as real estate development, construction and land-use planning. Before joining Swiss Prime Site Solutions, he spent several years as Deputy Head of Land Acquisition at one of the largest listed real estate companies in Switzerland. Patrick Rossi is a graduate engineer FH/SIA in Space Planning, MA in Legal Studies UNIFR, MAS FHO in Business Administration and MAS UZH in Real Estate. Patrick manages the acquisition team successfully with his diverse experience and knowledge.

    He likes his work to be varied and challenging. Good relationships with business partners are also key success factors in his eyes.

    Reto Felder

    Chief Investment Officer

    «We deliver top results for our customers with teamwork and passion.»

    Reto Felder became Chief Investment Officer of Swiss Prime Site Solutions in April 2020, joining the team that looks after the strategic client Swiss Prime Investment Foundation.

    In his work for well-known real estate companies, Reto has acquired a deep knowledge of the industry and built up a large network. His 20 years of experience in the sector is rounded off with an MAS in Real Estate Management.

    Reto is a firm believer in teamwork, honest and open communication, and striving to become better each day.

    Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family and has a passion for sports.

    Reto has been working at Swiss Prime Site since 2016. He switched to the group company Swiss Prime Site Solutions in 2020.

    Tobias Hossfeld

    Head Development

    Tobias Hossfeld has been Head Development at Swiss Prime Site Solutions since October 2019.

    Through his many years of experience as an architect and most recently as Head of Development of a general contractor based in Zurich, Tobias Hossfeld has been able to gain a great amount of valuable experience in the real estate sector and could successfully develop and implement projects. He holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Real Estate Management and is specialized in complex real estate topics.

    For him, honest and transparent communication is an important part of good teamwork.

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