Mandate for the Swiss Prime Investment Foundation

The team has been covering real estate management for the Swiss Prime Investment Foundation since 2017, including portfolio management, asset management and construction management as well as acquisitions & disposals.

We focus on investment in a variety of construction projects (developments, new build, restorations), increasing allocations to real estate via existing properties, ongoing examination of the entire portfolio and maintaining the high letting rate via active management.

Investment group «SPIF Real Estate Switzerland»

  • Investment properties: CHF 2 800.6 mn
  • Number of properties: 91
  • Number of developments: 8
  • Vacancy rate: 3.34%
  • Investment yield: 3.28% (year-to-date)

Investment group «SPIF Living+ Europe»

  • Investment properties: EUR 43.6 mn
  • Number of properties: 5
  • Number of developments: -
  • Vacancy rate: 0.00%
  • Investment yield: 4.40% (year-to-date)

Figures as at 31.12.2020

Asset Management mandates for pension funds

We handle the fiduciary portfolio and asset management for pension funds I and II of BASF Switzerland and the employee pension fund edifondo.

Our work for these clients is focused primarily on using the findings obtained from continuous strategic analyses and monitoring at property level to optimise portfolio performance. This mainly involves us carefully selecting and prioritising investments to ensure that the investment criteria is optimally balanced and aligned with the economic, environmental and social objectives. To this end, we combine extensive expertise in real estate development and renovation with deep knowledge of the lettings business and strategic management of the portfolio.

BASF pension funds Switzerland

  • Number of properties: 34
  • Number of plots: 5
  • Regional allocation: whole of Switzerland (focus: Basel and Zurich regions)

Figures as at 31.12.2020


Edifondo employee pension foundation

  • Number of properties: 17
  • Regional allocation: whole of Switzerland (focus: Berne region)

Figures as at 31.12.2020

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