Managed portfolio

We cover the area of real estate management for the Swiss Prime Investment Foundation, including portfolio management, asset management, construction management and acquisitions & sales.

Key figures

  • Investment properties: CHF 2 382.5 million
  • Number of properties: 80
  • Number of developments: 7
  • Vacancy rate: 4.09%
  • Investment yield: 2.50% (year-to-date 2020)

Figures as at 30.09.2020

Balanced managed portfolio by regions

Largest managed investment properties

Zurich City, «Leuenhof»

Fair value: CHF 517 m
Use: offices and retail

Zurich West, «Maaghof»

Fair value: CHF 179 Mio.
Use: residential

Crans-Montana, «Bluche Campus»

Fair value: CHF 176 Mio.
Use: residential

Zuchwil, «Riverside»

Fair value: CHF 117 Mio.
Use: commercial

Luzern, «Tribschen»

Fair value: CHF 95 Mio.
Use: residential, office

Glion, «Glion Campus»

Fair value: CHF 93 Mio.
Use: residential

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