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YOND and Schönburg win international architecture awards

Our real estate development YOND in Zurich received the «best architects» gold award in the commercial/industrial buildings category. Furthermore, our completely converted property Schönburg in Berne…


On the right track

It has been over two years since Swiss Prime Site issued its first sustainability report. What progress has Switzerland’s leading listed real estate company made, and where does it stand now?


Welcome to the Riverside of Life

«Every end is a new beginning». The profound truth of this adage is currently manifesting itself impressively on the former Sulzer site in Zuchwil. Once home to industry, the site is now being…


A Quantum of Courage

Few industries are more essential to modern society than real estate. One in five jobs is created by or for the sector. Properties determine our field of view whenever we are in urban spaces.


Mladen Tomic

Mladen Tomic +41 58 317 17 42


Mladen Tomic

Mladen Tomic +41 58 317 17 42



2019 P R O F O R M A G R O U P K EY F I G U R E S W / O T E R T I A N U M G R O U P Pro forma Group income statement – w/o Tertianum group in CHF 1 000 Rental income from properties 01.01.–…



2019 R A P P O R T E N A B R ÉG É Chiffres clés 2019 11.8 Portefeuille (mrds CHF) +5.0% par rapport à l’exercice précédent 4.7 Taux de vacance (%) –2.1% par rapport à l’exercice précédent 3.80…



2019 ANNUAL REPORT Reporting 2019 This year, Swiss Prime Site is publishing an integrated report for the first time. The report is based on the Integrated Reporting () Framework of the…



2019 SHORT REPORT Key Figures 2019 11.8 Portfolio (CHF billion) +5.0% year-on-year 4.7 Vacancy rate (%) –2.1% year-on-year 3.80 Distribution (CHF)¹ unchanged year-on-year ¹ proposal to the…

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