Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy and business activities. Our sustainability targets are guided, among other things, by the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a real estate company, our focus is on the overarching goal of «Sustainable Cities and Communities».

We create living spaces

When it comes to the development of our buildings and sites, people and their needs are at the centre of our interest. With this in mind, we create attractive, flexible living spaces that have a positive impact on the neighbourhood or the entire city. Our properties engage with public spaces and encourage connection. In order to achieve this, we are in constant dialogue with our stakeholders and regularly issue invitations to open discussions.

We offer perspectives

We act with an awareness of the environment and its resources. We want to do our bit to support the United Nations’ two-degree target by systematically decreasing our CO2 emissions. Our properties are built in accordance with green building standards such as LEED, Minergie or the Swiss Sustainable Building Standards (SNBS). As a partner of Madaster, we are dedicated to promoting a circular economy in the field of real estate and construction.

We shape the future

Sustainability is one of the factors that drives our innovation. With pioneering construction projects such as JED and YOND, we are forging new paths and continuing to develop. We partner with various start-up initiatives, engage in corporate venturing and hold regular innovation workshops. Our success relies on our skilled, dedicated employees, to whom we offer an attractive, open working environment and individual development opportunities.

Creating sustainable value

Our activities and those of our group companies create sustainable value. In this context, we transparently indicate which resources we use and how we implement them in a targeted manner. We refer to these resources as capital.



Relationship capital refers to the network value of all stakeholder and client relationships. Sharing common objectives and values and creating trust is a strong basis on which to exchange valuable information. These relationships ultimately increase our reputation and add value to the company brand.


Incorporates all the financial resources that are utilised to develop and render products and services. In addition to income from operating activities, financial capital includes funds released from targeted divestment and funds raised on the capital markets.


Physical capital encompasses on the one hand properties that are developed, used, let or sold, and on the other all the facilities that are used to provide our other real estate-related services.


Intellectual capital refers to the continuously developing expertise within the Swiss Prime Site Group and the intangible assets developed in collaboration with partners, such as patents, brands, software, rights and licences. Systems and processes that derive from these assets create specific competitive advantages in the market and actively help to capture future potential.


Natural capital refers to environmental resources from renewable and non-renewable sources needed now and in the future to render services. Managing soil, energy and water resources responsibly is a major priority for activities across our real estate business.


Human capital encompasses all the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees that is needed to bring the desired products and services to the market. The motivation and innovative spirit of the people who work for Swiss Prime Site is intrinsically linked to the implementation of our strategy and the successful sale of our products and services.

What we have achieved so far:


Urs Baumann

Head Group Sustainability & Innovation

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