Our strengths at a glance

Integrated business model

Swiss Prime Site invests in high-quality land, properties and locations. These, together with conversions and developments of entire sites, make up the Company’s core business. We create living spaces for our customers and society as a whole that are future-proof and in line with market requirements.

First-class locations

The fair value of our high-quality properties is CHF 12.5 billion. The portfolio consists of properties with a stable value in prime locations, primarily with office and retail floor space in the most densely populated regions and cities in Switzerland. The vacancy rate is 4.7%.

Generating sustainable value

As a company focused on the long-term, we invest across the group and at all levels of value creation in innovation, with the aim of a sustainable reduction in our resource use and a long-term increase in our financial success. Our real estate portfolio will become climate-neutral until 2040.

Attractive profitability

The existing property portfolio shows an attractive net yield of 3.2%. Swiss Prime Site achieves a return on equity of 8.4%. The project pipeline for the coming years comprises numerous projects with an investment volume of around CHF 2 billion.

Focusing on the customer

For Swiss Prime Site, our customers and their needs are at the centre of our business. The Company develops tailor-made products and solutions that continue to meet our customers’ needs, thereby increasing their satisfaction and strengthening our relationship.

High share liquidity

Swiss Prime Site is the largest stock exchange-listed real estate company in Switzerland, with market capitalisation of over CHF 7 billion. The approximately 76 million registered shares have a free float of 100% and high liquidity on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Stable financing

The Company has stable, long-term financing through debt and shareholders’ equity. The equity ratio is 47.3%. Borrowed capital is composed of a balance of different instruments including mortgages, loans and traditional and long-term bonds. The loan-to-value ratio is 42.0%.

Equitable dividend policy

The Board of Directors pursues an equitable dividend policy. The target range of the payout ratio is between 80 – 100% of the adjusted EPRA EPS. In special situations, the Board of Directors may deviate from this policy.

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